Great Zet Watching Their Throne

The 2011 spring semester had a lot of good things in store for Delta Epsilon Psi’s Zeta Chapter. A successful Sugar Free Bowl, several Greek awards from Baylor, and the graduation of nine seniors truly made it a memorable and historic semester.

Last April, Zeta Chapter organized its 5th Annual Sugar Free Bowl. The event was a successful collaboration of all brothers under the leadership of the SFB Chairs, Maulik Patel, Ankur Pradhan, and Harjot Singh. For Ankur and Harjot, who had just crossed the semester before, it was a great learning experience and a terrific chance to prove themselves as capable brothers. Planning commenced at the beginning of the semester in January, and culminated with one of the largest and most successful tournaments in Zeta Chapter history. Ultimately, 16 teams participated in the tournament. Through the tournament, the brothers of Zeta chapter raised around $3000 in profits for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. With a new year ahead, Zeta Chapter hopes to make its 6th Annual Sugar Free Bowl, which will be held this November, even more successful.

At the end of the semester, Baylor University held its annual Greek Life and Student Activities Award Ceremony to honor and recognize the hard work and effort put forth by all Greek organizations on campus. Zeta Chapter proudly brought home five awards. One of them was Most Improved Chapter GPA award, which recognized the fraternity’s high academic standards. Another was the Abner McCall Award for Outstanding Service; this award is regarded as the most prestigious service and community involvement award at Baylor. Zeta Chapter was able to win this award after completing 1049 hours of community service during the 2010-2011 school year. The third award was the Herbert H. Reynolds award, which is given to one fraternity that exhibits fraternal excellence and brotherhood. Varun Joseph, the former president of Zeta Chapter, was the recipient of the Greek Leader of the Year. This is given to one person in a Greek organization that demonstrates exceptional leadership qualities. Varun portrayed these qualities through leadership positions in Delta Epsilon Psi and as a Senator for Baylor’s Student Government. Romin Thomas received one of the most prestigious honors awarded by Baylor, Greek Man of the Year. This award is given to only one male in all Greek organizations and councils. Zeta Chapter was very proud of Romin and his hard work as the president of Multicultural Greek Council. Apart from these awards, Maulik Patel received the John S. Belew Award, which is given to one male in the entire Greek community for outstanding community service. By receiving these awards of fraternal excellence, outstanding community service, and academics, Zeta Chapter truly represents the fraternity’s pillars of brotherhood, discipline, and commitment.

With the end of the academic year came graduation, and Zeta Chapter had to bid farewell to some of its finest members. Iota Class’s Harkaran Guryan, Rahul Chhanna, Varun Joseph, Romin Thomas, Arjun Sabhaya, Moez Mithani, and Kappa Class’s Maulik Patel graduated from Baylor University in May 2011. Harkaran and Rahul will be continuing their education in medical school, while the others will also continue doing post-graduate work. Everybody here at Zeta Chapter is proud of these fine, young leaders and we know that they will successfully pursue and accomplish all of their future endeavors. We miss them greatly!

A lot of excellent memories were created here at Zeta Chapter last year. We had a lot of fun, but more importantly worked hard to throw successful events, raise money for our philanthropy, and ultimately be recognized campus-wide for our efforts. With a lot of seniors graduated, the new members have tough shoes to fill and big expectations to live up to.


Ankur Pradhan
Zeta Chapter